• Meeting the Challenge

    The preparation of fecal matter for research and clinical applications holds unique challenges. The patented PureFlora technology addresses those challenges effectively and elegantly in one integrated, comprehensive solution

    Challenge: No Standardization of Current Collection and Processing Methods

    Our technology enables complete standardization of preparation

    Newly recognized as a potential key to understanding and solving a wide variety of medical ailments, research and clinical procedures may soon require standardization of collection, homogenization, and filtration of donated fecal matter - all thoroughly accomplished with PureFlora technology.

    Challenge: Increase Cost-Efficiency

    PureFlora significantly reduces costs to research/clinical facility, patient, and payor

    PureFlora's product is an all-inclusive system that requires minimal human or lab resources and no specialized capital equipment for preparation of fecal matter. Strategic design ensures advantageous cost to manufacture.

    Challenge: Obligate Anerobes are Destroyed By Exposure to Oxygenated Environment

    PureFlora's technology patent enables the maintenance of an anaerobic environment, ensuring maximum amount of donated microbiota is available for research or delivery

    Obligate anaerobes are preserved throughout homogenization, filtration, and storage ensuring ample, live microbiota for research and the most robust treatment possible for FMT delivery.

    Challenge: Reduce Preparation Time, Undesirable Odors and Workspace Disarray

    PureFlora virtually eliminates mess, odour, and tedious preparation

    Our closed system from donation --> processing --> filtering --> dispensation maintains the integrity of donated microbiota and eliminates distasteful processing aesthetics, improving the process for researchers and clinical staff.

    Challenge: Reduce Anxiety of Fecal Matter Donors

    Sanitary, disposable, and discreet, PureFlora's system neatly alleviates the potentially unpleasant aspects of fecal matter donation

    The PureFlora device and collected sample are fully protected from exterior contamination from the toilet. Device provides durable transport vessel with significantly reduced odor and unpleasant visuals.